Las Vegas, Nevada
August 23, 2008

"Vanilla Fudge's Mark Stein & Vince Martell" were a smash hit at the Cannery Hotel & Casino where they played the first show of the "Let's Pray For Peace Tour".

The band sounded fantastic from where I sat, all the classics we know so well sounded right off the vinyl, but no scratches!

Joining Mark & Vince, and doing a great job on the drums, was Jimmy Jack.

But the coolest news and biggest surprise for me was to see the site's own Pete Bremy playing bass. Both did a terrific job on all the tunes, and their harmonies fit right in with the two original band members.

The Cannery Marquee!

The Band Onstage

I also met Bob Jaccino, one of the original team members from the Vanilla Fudge Web Site, so it was very much a first time reunion for us three Web geeks.  And like an idiot I forgot to take Bob's photo, sorry Bob... Next time!

SEE this show if the tour comes anywhere near you, Mark and Vince are in top form, both vocally and on their instruments. You will take home a lasting memory of Vanilla Fudge and Mark's song by which the tour has been named, "Let's Pray For Peace"!

Mark Stein on the Hammond

Vince Martell on the Guitar

Pete Bremy on Bass

Jimmy Jack on Drums


Let's Pray For Peace

(Click to hear the MP3 file. The recording is from Mark's solo album, White Majik)

I asked Mark to tell us how his song "Let's Pray For Peace" came about... He writes:

"I was fresh out of the hospital after having surgery. After recovering at home a few days, I sat at the piano and the lyrics started to come, along with the melody. “What a world we live in, Lotta Pleasure, Lotta  Sin."

"On this one I really was driven from deep within – the images kept flowing.  I remember getting really psyched.  It all started to make sense when the verse built into the chorus “Let’s Pray for Peace”.

"I remember Patty walking in the house back from shopping and she got really emotional after hearing this new but age-old message."

Mark Stein


A Collage of Mark's movements, he moves!

Another of Vince!


Vince during "People Get Ready"


Jimmy Jack

The Band onstage 2...

The Band onstage 3!

Mark and the Hammond...


Mark, Vince & Pete...


Pete on Bass and backup vocals 1...

Pete on Bass and backup vocals 2...

A Jimmy Jack sequence during his "Shotgun" Solo... 1




Vince and Pete...


Vince doing vocals on "Good Good Livin'"

And again...

Vince ...

Pete ...

Jimmy Jack squeezed behind his drum kit and amps!

Another series of Mark shots, that last one which includes Blake Norris - Entertainment Producer for The Cannery - straightening up Mark's microphone during the show!

Pete "Oooooohh Oooh Oooh"... You know!

Jimmy Jack

A fantastic photo of Mark at the Hammond taken by Shannon during "People Get Ready".

The group after the show signing autographs...

The line was endless, at least if you were waiting to shake hands!

Photographer and Casey's Daughter, Shannon Buel, outside of the Cannery.

Photographer Casey and Pete finally meet! Great show Pete! Thank you guys! Photo by Bob Jaccino!