On November 1, 2001, Mark brought together a band of great musicians who converged on Electric Randyland Studios in Manhasset, New York, to record his arrangement of America The Beautiful.

As a result of that recording, Mark and the musicians who recorded with him are in the process of recording an entire new album! Now you can download America The Beautiful as a preview track of the coming album.

The musicians who performed on America The Beautiful are:

Mark Stein / Vocals & Piano
Jimmy Haslip / Bass
John McCurry / Guitar
Bobby Rondinelli / Drums
Jim Campagnola / Sax
Producer: Mark Stein
Executive Producer: Randy Pratt
Engineers: Joe Warda & Patrick Klein
Special thanks to: Patty Stein, Terry Pratt, and Elizabeth Butler

Click above to download the free MP3 of America The Beautiful.

We would like to thank everyone who previously donated to The American Veterinary Medical Foundation by downloading America The Beautiful . Your donation has helped with the care of the search & rescue dogs across the country.


Session Photos:

John McCurry on Guitar.


Mark Stein, Vocals & Piano

Bobby Rondinelli on Drums.

Jimmy Haslip on Bass.

Left to right: Joe Warda, Jim Campagnola (Sax), Mark, Randy Pratt.
Seated: John McCurry, Jimmy Haslip, and Bobby Rondinelli.

Mark and his friend Tom Sanders at rehearsal in Mark's home
before leaving for New York. The remote was provided by Vince
Wassilewski, owner of OtherWorld Studios in Florida.



Mark rehearsing America The Beautiful.

"We want to dedicate this page to Max, our German
Shepherd who gave us nothing but unconditional
love for 16 years." -- Mark & Patty Stein

(Photos courtesy of Jim Campagnola and Patty Stein)

About the The American Veterinary Medical Foundation:

 America The Beautiful was originally recorded to benefit the AVMF.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation equips and prepares VMAT teams like those in New York and provides aid to all veterinarians who treat animals injured in disasters.

The AVMF has supported animal disaster relief since 1996. The AVMF relies on the generosity of dedicated pet owners, veterinarians and corporations who are concerned about the well being of animals.

Their ability to respond to critical challenges and promote care for animals is in direct proportion to the support they receive.Please join us in this worthy cause to help veterinarians help the lives of innocent animals. Funds not utilized in New York will be applied to preparedness and relief in future disasters.

Veterinarians in New York, Washington, and surrounding areas will receive aid to replace medical supplies used to treat animals harmed in September 11th's attacks and/or search and rescue dogs injured in the course of their duties.

The world as we know it changed forever on September 11, 2001. Please help the AVMF (American Veterinary Medical Foundation) meet the immediate needs of animals in New York and help us better prepare veterinarians to best meet the needs of animals injured, displaced, or affected by future disasters – be they natural or man-made. Thank you!

Click here to visit The American Veterinary Medical Foundation Web Site - please donate to this worthy cause!